Parks and Parties

We Know How to Have Fun

We are lucky that our next door neighbor is the Jefferson District Golf Course – it’s not necessary to get in the car to find a place for exercise. Most of us have used the tennis courts, basketball courts, a nine-hole golf course lined with trees, and a miniature golf course where it is actually possible to get a hole in one.

Check out the Fairfax County Parks website. There are plenty of other parks nearby. And there’s plenty of other fun to find if you check out a few websites for Virginia parks, Washington D.C. and parks up in Maryland.

Celebrations Right in Our Own Community

Keep an eye out for calendar notices announcing our community celebrations, like our summertime ice cream socials, hot dog parties on the pool deck, and our fall festival for kids of all ages. If you can scoop ice cream, grill a hot dog, or decorate a pumpkin, give us a call to help.