The Association

In Pinewood Greens we are an association of neighbors. What we do is guided by an elected Board of Directors, a handful of committees, and an active contingent of volunteers who give their time to make our Association work.

The Board of Directors

Nine people have been elected by the members to direct our Association. Our meetings are held monthly at the community center, 2731 Hyson Lane, Falls Church, Virginia 22043.

The board meetings are all listed on the association calendar(at right)

Dates and times for Board meetings are also posted on the bulletin board at the front of the community center. Everyone is invited, so please come to our meetings.

If you ever need to talk to one of the members of Board, call the Association office and one of us will call you back.

The Association Committees

We hope you can join one of our committees:

Dates and times for committee meetings are posted on association calendar and the bulletin board at the front of the community center.

Our Governing Documents

As part of the sale process for houses in the community, it is necessary to supply these documents and others to the purchaser. To request an official packet from the association you must fill out the VPOAA Disclosure Request Form


Please see the policies page for up to date copies of adopted policies and procedures.